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YOUR Brand Visibility is the engine that drives business to you online. Generating visibility for your company in search engines is paramount by implementing monthly SEO process .This will Drive targeted web site traffic, generate enquiries / leads and get some Google juice to the Web site you’re promoting.

FYI > Top 3 Benefits from SEO CAMPAIGN = GOOGLE / YAHOO/ BING campaign

•Web site brand visibility working 24 x 7 << BEING FOUND ON KEY WORD SEARCHES = 1st step •Provides highly targeted quality web site traffic & Lead generation •Local search results visibility for your Brand Our 3 step SEO Kick off questions !

Identify your target visitors or potential customers?
Who are you targeting, and why, this is going to be important in how your website is focused and how well it works.

How will they / Your prospects find you website?
Work out how you are going to drive traffic to your site. How are they going to know you exist and find you.

What key words and terms are important to Your prospect, so you can be found?
What are people going to be searching for when you want to be showing up. What services do you offer.

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