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Top 3 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Important

Over the last couple of years, video has taken over the marketing world. And why not? For businesses, video is currently one of the best channels to make their product or service stand out in front of the right audience. For one, people love watching videos. A well-made video can connect with and engage viewers more than any other form of content. Mediapost recently reported that global consumers now watch five hours of video on a daily basis.

Savvy marketers and businesses are leveraging the growing viewership of video to generate awareness, reputation, and trust for their brands. According to a survey by Wyzowl, 63% of businesses have started using video as a marketing tool. And, 83% of them believe video marketing generates a good ROI.

Businesses using video
63% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool.
Out of those…
82% of businesses feel video is an important part of their marketing strategy.
99% of businesses will continue to use video throughout 2017.
82% of businesses will be spending more on video in 2017.
83% of businesses believe that video gives them a good ROI.

If you haven’t jumped on the video marketing bandwagon yet, here are three compelling reasons for you to do so.

1. Attract Audience Attention
Gaining the attention of your audience is undoubtedly one of the most challenging parts of marketing. Add to it the fact that they are being constantly bombarded with tons of marketing messages almost every minute. If you are still sending your prospects another long sales emails, expect them to be ignored and worse, sent to the trash folder.
The truth is, your audience may not want to read text-based content such as product descriptions, landing pages, ebooks or white papers. Of course, there are certain cases where text content may be more effective—for example, B2B buyers typically prefer doing more in-depth research before making purchase decisions.
According to Animoto, a product video has 4X more chances of being watched than read about in text. Clearly, video marketing can help your brand stand out from the rest, allowing you to be noticed by your prospects.

2. Get Loved by Search Engines
Search engines always reward content that engages viewers. And, video tops the list for content marketing mediums that offer maximum engagement. MarketingSherpa reports that people visiting a website spend double the amount of time if it has a video. When a visitor spends more time on your site, search engines take it as a signal that they have found your site useful. As an important ranking factor, this determines your position on SERPs. This is why it is a great idea to have an explainer video or a product video on your home page or landing pages.
Not only this, currently YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Therefore, if you upload a video on YouTube as well as your website, it can dramatically improve your visibility and chances of showing up on search results.

3. Increase Conversions and Sales
Statistics show that by simply adding a product video on your landing page, you can increase conversions by 80%. Not just that, video can also generate sales. It has been found that nearly 74% of consumers who bought a product had watched an explainer video about it prior to purchase.
The thing is, when it comes to actual buying, people prefer looking at a product than reading about it. This is why more conversions happen when a consumer sees a photo. And, the chances get even better when they get to see how the product is being used.

Technology is making video marketing more widespread and cost-effective. Instead of needing professional-grade cameras and expensive tools, it’s now possible to create a good video using just your cellphone camera. Because of such ease and affordability, more businesses will include video in their marketing repertoire in the coming years. Clearly, if you are not leveraging video now, you are missing out on a powerful opportunity to grow your brand, connect with your audience, and get ahead of your competitors

TOP 3 You Tube Posting Tips

1 Include main keyword in title

Let’s say for example that you are running an online shop that sells cosmetic products specifically targeted to Asian women. What do you think is the main keyword for your business? Here are some good guesses: cosmetics for Asian women, Asian cosmetics, and cosmetics in Asia. Whatever is your main keyword, it is important that you include it in your main title. So how do you figure out which main keyword you should use? You can use the online tool AdWord to help you find the best keyword for your business. If you do this correctly, your Youtube video will rank high in Google search results.

2 Choose a catchy title

Even if your video manages to appear on the top ten search results of Google, it is up to the user if he will click the link to your video or not. So how can you make sure that users will click your video once it appears in their Google search results? One way is to give your video a really catchy title. It should not be very fancy. The title simply have to project the impression “Hey, I have the information you are looking for so click me”.

3 Use all possible related tags

Many people fail to maximize the use of this Youtube feature. In fact, many people do not use this feature at all! So what are tags? Tags are one-word keywords that Youtube allows you to attach to each video that you upload. Make sure that you include all related tags to make your video more visible.

Top Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Top Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a new marketing trend that has overtaken outbound marketing. Since the web users are increasingly changing their ways of researching and shopping for products and services, hence companies should also make efforts to eliminate ineffective tactics from their marketing strategies so that desired results can be reaped. With the increase in modernization, the methods of marketing have also changed.

These days, new marketing methods and strategies have come to the forefront. Below, we have mentioned several benefits of inbound marketing over outbound marketing.

• Without inbound marketing, your marketing and sales team may fail to create powerful and engaging content for the prospects. The sales department is the heart of your business as sales person have a good understanding of what your prospective customers are looking for. They can also help customers what they want at various stages of their journey. Inbound marketing can create valuable content for the users that will help buyers get answers to their questions and solve their problems.
• The digital marketing world has witnessed an evolution. With rightful marketing methods, you can effectively increase the awareness and popularity of your business among the potential web users. If you do not follow the right and effective marketing methods, web users will never get to know about the existence of your business. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for you to make use of the right methods to increase the visibility of your business/brand.
• Many successful companies have regularly reported that with the use of expert inbound marketing solutions, they were able to build a strong presence of their company. Consequently, they also noticed improvement both in their top and bottom lines. Therefore, to enhance your business sales and hence profit margins, you can make use of inbound marketing.
• Inbound marketing also involves social media marketing. No other platform can provide your business extensive exposure as social media. If done rightfully, you can also get customers and hence leads from social networking sites. Therefore, build business pages of your websites on the social platforms to grab the attention of the potential web users.
• In order to gain the attention of the web users, you need to portray your business in a positive way and this can be done with the help of inbound marketing. People would love to give you their patronage when they have a peace of mind that they are trusting the right company. This can only be achieved, when you portray your business in a positive way.
• The ultimate purpose of any marketing channel is to get leads. Inbound marketing will also help you get leads and hence gain profits. It will help you improve the bottom and top lines of your business and hence open new doors to opportunities .
Those were some of the top benefits of inbound marketing that will help you increase the awareness of your business and hence profit levels. The chances of success are high when you have the tricks and tips of inbound marketing in your hand.


What is B2B marketing and how to generate leads

B2B Business to Business marketing is marketing of products to businesses or other organizations for use in production of goods, general business operations or for resale to other consumers. B2B defines commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer.

B2B is also used in the context of communication and collaboration. When communication is taking place amongst employees, this can be referred to as “B2B” communication.
B2B marketing involves building valuable relationships to guarantee lasting customers; an important goal for any company, whether a mega retail corporation or a smaller family-owned. However one important factor is generating right leads.

A business without the right leads is very much like a car without an engine. However, generating leads is not easy and trying to acquire leads in the B2B space makes it all that much more difficult. Here are some lead generating ideas and approaches that allow you sharpen your B2B strategy.

1. Inbound marketing
Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that aligns with what your customers are most interested in so they are drawn towards your offers because they want to learn more. Inbound marketing, when done well, meets your customers where they want to be.

2. Generate better relationships with CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps generate and convert leads by sifting through massive amounts of raw prospect data to locate the most promising prospects.

3. Be blog oriented
At the heart of inbound lead generation is the humble blog. A company blog allows you to not only draw inbound traffic to your site and your business by offering useful and interesting content, while providing solutions, but it can also give your organization added credibility within your industry.

4. Humans are visual animals
Incorporating a visual element into your content is a sure-fire way to increase the draw of your inbound strategy.

5. Use social media
In addition, social media can generate B2B leads. You can use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Another important factor is to continuously build unique, quality content that has real value to prospects that you want to connect to as quality leads are built over time.

Hence, more clearly you can identify and pursue your ideal client, the more leads you will get and ultimately benefit your business.

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Inbound marketing Benefits

Inbound marketing Benefits

While we all have been witnessing the benefits of traditional outbound marketing methods for decades, it is high time we gave some innovative thought to the methods of marketing. While the marketing companies have already started implementing the new inbound marketing methods, many people and business owners are still not familiar with this concept and have not been able to benefit from it as of now. In comparison to the outbound method of marketing where the marketing team focuses on all the people who may or may not be potential customers; the inbound marketing method focuses on those people who are already showing interest in the products or services which are identical or similar to the ones being offered by one’s company.

This method of putting in marketing efforts towards a set of people who are already interested in one’s products and services increases the probability of being able to convert the potential customer into an actual one and this is the reason why this method of marketing is slowly but surely becoming very popular.


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Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay per click is one of the easiest methods for companies to gain a good ranking for their company’s website on the internet. With the innumerable number of companies creating websites of similar nature it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to retain a high ranking in search engine results in spite of following the best of SEO techniques.

So now they have the option of bidding in a manner which would enable them to get a good search engine ranking based on the amount of money they are willing to pay per click. If you are still wondering as to what is the point of getting a good website ranking then think again because only when your company’s website is visible on the internet and is easily accessible, that is when your company would get increased sales and profits. So it makes complete sense for people to bid for a higher ranking.

Pay Per Click Marketing

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