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Pay per click marketing however takes lots of practice, patience and knowledge. It is important to really understand all angles and stages of the campaign process to actively execute a proper AD campaign that can help you build SALES .

TOP 3 You Tube Posting Tips

1 Include main keyword in title

Let’s say for example that you are running an online shop that sells cosmetic products specifically targeted to Asian women. What do you think is the main keyword for your business? Here are some good guesses: cosmetics for Asian women, Asian cosmetics, and cosmetics in Asia. Whatever is your main keyword, it is important that you include it in your main title. So how do you figure out which main keyword you should use? You can use the online tool AdWord to help you find the best keyword for your business. If you do this correctly, your Youtube video will rank high in Google search results.

2 Choose a catchy title

Even if your video manages to appear on the top ten search results of Google, it is up to the user if he will click the link to your video or not. So how can you make sure that users will click your video once it appears in their Google search results? One way is to give your video a really catchy title. It should not be very fancy. The title simply have to project the impression “Hey, I have the information you are looking for so click me”.

3 Use all possible related tags

Many people fail to maximize the use of this Youtube feature. In fact, many people do not use this feature at all! So what are tags? Tags are one-word keywords that Youtube allows you to attach to each video that you upload. Make sure that you include all related tags to make your video more visible.

Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay per click is one of the easiest methods for companies to gain a good ranking for their company’s website on the internet. With the innumerable number of companies creating websites of similar nature it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to retain a high ranking in search engine results in spite of following the best of SEO techniques.

So now they have the option of bidding in a manner which would enable them to get a good search engine ranking based on the amount of money they are willing to pay per click. If you are still wondering as to what is the point of getting a good website ranking then think again because only when your company’s website is visible on the internet and is easily accessible, that is when your company would get increased sales and profits. So it makes complete sense for people to bid for a higher ranking.

Pay Per Click Marketing

CMO’s Top Challenges?

From a recent IBM Survey:

• Growth of Channels and Devices – connecting all of the various sales, marketing and business
intelligence systems to enable a coherent flow of information and analysis where and when it’s

• Customer Collaboration and Influence – building relationships between customers, sales teams
and customer service reps and delivering the right information to increase sales and reduce churn

• Targeting – delivering the right content at the right time to support the purchase decisions of
potential customers and upgrade candidates

• Big Data – leveraging proprietary and external data sources to quickly gather and analyze
marketing data to streamline sales and customer service processes and increase revenues

• ROI Accountability – enabling executives to understand the value of marketing initiatives and
channels and make the right decisions

• Alignment – making sure that sales and marketing messaging, qualification criteria and data
exchange are on the same page

• Expertise – According to Forrester, 40% of CMOs state that their number one area in which to
improve board level influence is technology-savviness


B2B & B2C buying process : Inbound Marketing

The B2B & B2C buying process has fundamentally changed, and prospects spend more time on the web doing independent research, obtaining information from their peers and third parties via Google /Bing searches and social media research.

The traditional method of only using outbound selling no longer applies—today’s sales teams must engage in inbound marketing and social selling, & use Web 2.0 technologies to better listen and engage with prospects.

More and more prospects are relying on the content found in social media channels and search engines to educate themselves about a company’s brand, products and services Prior to contacting a service provider. As a result, Social Media + Search play an influential role in the B2B decision-making process.

Therefore, today’s B2B companies should use social media to monitor what prospects are saying about their company, capture interest from prospects looking for their products and solutions, and coordinate the marketing and sales follow-ups to social media interactions and related in bound social signals coming into their web sites and blogs.

Social media inbound marketing is a proactive strategy. All major search engines such as Google, Bing,Yahoo are incorporating social signals into their organic search results ranking.

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SEO Ranking Factors for 2013 and beyond …

There are several points that are interesting that comes out of all of this…Google’s recent algorithm updates :

( What was most striking about the announcement was not the fact that there is a new algorithm, but that it has been live for at least 30 days, with no prior announcement.)

* Links are still believed to be the most important part of the algorithm (approximately 40%).

* Keyword usage on the page is still fundamental, and—other than links—is thought to be the most important type of factor.

* Social factors aren’t seen to be hugely important in the 2013 algorithm (only 7%), in contrast to the high correlations.

* Freshness of content and load speed are important.

* Like it or not, having the exact match keyword in the domain still helps, though is decreasing.

* Trust factor of the domains linking is very important (can be measured by algorithms like MozTrust, TrustRank, etc)

* Good on page optimization is still important (title tags etc, lets Google know what your pages are about).

Basic brochure sites will be a thing of the past as audience engagement and feedback is rewarded. The lesson is clear; be the best, provide the best answers by knowing and serving your customers and Google will reward you.

What this means is your content can’t just be interesting and educational, it has to also have audience engagement (comments) and feedback (social shares). And, with Hummingbird GOOGLE’S most  recent algo update you also have to think in questions and answers format.

What Does All Of This Mean For You?

Content creation and optimization continues to be as important as ever and the focus on quality is more important than ever.  In addition to that, here are some other important tips:

Build authority links naturally (create a strong Social strategy to spread your content)

Offer solutions to your site visitors and make sure your content clearly and concisely conveys the information

Optimize for mobile

Be active in Social

Focus on semantic analysis when doing keyword research

Understand that “context” is now a part of the equation, meaning Google will do the best they can to determine the full meaning of the query and the intent behind it. In addition to analyzing the words, they will use any other data they can – typically local info, personalization info and device and platform info.  User intent is going to matter more than pure keyword matching.

Authorship and Structured Data are going to be more important going forward.  Authorship because it connects you to your content and Structured Data because it’s a good way to feed specific details to the crawler.

This has been the most volatile couple years in the history of the engines, The best thing you can do is actively create and work a content strategy !!

Google’s Amit Singhal said, “With more complex queries, the algorithm can better understand concepts vs. words as well as relationships between concepts.”

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B2B SEO Texas: Brand development

A B2B company brand is a combination of objectives and ideas. This brand, when properly advertised by strategic methods as done by a proven and experienced SEO Houston Agency, develops into a marking which briefly describes the ultimate product. The brand creates a way for the customers to buy. Many a times the inner component breaks down leading to a weak link in the brand but if all parts are perfectly fitting they become a tangible asset.

A product in the last step i.e. the retailer’s shop before reaching the consumer too can affect the brand name. In case the receptionist does not answer the phone decently or the salesman at the shop is not respectful the customer would avoid that shop leading to the brand getting a bad remark. SEO services helps in getting the brand an identity in the internet through a website optimization by proper planning and implementation increasing the website exposure in the B2B market.

internet marketing services agencies set their own goals of providing high quality resources to business houses through the various choices available. These SEOs aim to achieve ranking in the top for their clients in the search engines. The resources include generating leads, automating business and advertising services using them Google adwords and other pay per click services. These experienced SEO‘s are honest, open, communicative and competitive to get positive results and strive to be upfront in the site.

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Effective Uses of on line PPC Advertising for B2B Marketing .It works !

PPC is a effective form of performance-based on line advertising for B2B Marketers — in other words, the advertiser pays only when results in a click on the ad. This makes PPC different from most forms of traditional offline marketing, including TV, radio, print, and outdoor. In traditional marketing, the advertiser pays for the ad placement — whether or not the placement gets results. Additionally, traditional media requires a not-insignificant investment in the ad creation process. Designers, copywriters, air talent, and broadcast studios are all heavily involved long before a traditional ad hits the marketplace — and that means long lead times, sometimes of several months. Since PPC ads are primarily text-based, one person can create and launch the ads in a very short amount of time .Effective Uses of PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is highly effective because it’s highly measurable. Advertisers can get data at a very detailed level, letting them know exactly what is working and what isn’t. Here are the most common and effective uses of PPC advertising. Search PPC AD’s also reaches potential customers at just the right moment: when they’re actively searching for a product or service, which is a direct marketer’s dream. While these elements are important to other types of advertising, PPC’s trackability and immediacy makes it a very effective tactic for direct marketers to employ, along with compelling offers and a strong call to action

Immediate AD Copy / EffectivenessTesting

Direct mail advertisers have been AD Copy testing for years. But while a direct mail test takes months to get results, PPC tests take only days or weeks. Nearly every element of PPC can be tested, but here are some of the most common tests:

Specific Keywords. Advertisers can use PPC to discover what keywords or key word phrases their customers are searching for and which of these key word phrases drives the most conversions for their business.

PPC Ad copy. Which advertising message grabs the most attention? Which message drives the most sales? PPC ad copy testing answers these questions.

PPC Ad Landing pages. One of the great aspects of PPC is that it’s possible to test multiple landing pages at the same time. Advertisers can learn which pages on their website drive the most sales.

PPC AD’s such as Google Ad Words , is quick to implement and provides immediate feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. The costs are controllable, and it’s a highly effective online testing tool.

Controllable AD Campaign cost. You decide how much you’re willing to spend per day, so it’s easy to stay within your budget.

We Target your PPC ads for your key words .

PPC = pay per click advertising on search engines like google , yahoo & bing is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your web site because you only pay for actual clicks to your site. It allows you to get maximum exposure in your targeted key words, while you control the amount you want to on a daily basis on your PPC marketing campaign. You can very clearly track the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaign.

We Target your PPC ads to only show to people searching in a particular state, city or region for your key words .

Pay per click marketing however takes lots of practice, patience and knowledge. It is important to really understand all angles and stages of the campaign process to actively execute a proper AD campaign that can help you build SALES . When done right PPC can be a very powerful tool to help grow any business. When done incoreectly a business can quickly burn through ad budget and find themselves at the starting line again.

Our pay per click advertising management method is very analytical and results-driven. We use our proven and methodical approaches that executes a customized pay per click strategy for each client. While we apply the same expert principles to each pay per click campaign that we manage, we ALWAYS tailor each campaign to address the unique needs and objectives of the client. This way, our clients reap the maximum possible benefit from this dynamic evolving PPC campaign strategy.

We regard our clients as long term business partners rather than accounts, we explain OUR campaign results frequently so that we gain their input and insight.

We Target your PPC ads to only show to people searching in a particular state, city or region for your key words .

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