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A Quality promotional web site video that is well Produced and distributed will

Increase qualified web site traffic
Increase the optins on your landing pages
Increase your conversion rates
Increase the backlinks to your web site

Top Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Top Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a new marketing trend that has overtaken outbound marketing. Since the web users are increasingly changing their ways of researching and shopping for products and services, hence companies should also make efforts to eliminate ineffective tactics from their marketing strategies so that desired results can be reaped. With the increase in modernization, the methods of marketing have also changed.

These days, new marketing methods and strategies have come to the forefront. Below, we have mentioned several benefits of inbound marketing over outbound marketing.

• Without inbound marketing, your marketing and sales team may fail to create powerful and engaging content for the prospects. The sales department is the heart of your business as sales person have a good understanding of what your prospective customers are looking for. They can also help customers what they want at various stages of their journey. Inbound marketing can create valuable content for the users that will help buyers get answers to their questions and solve their problems.
• The digital marketing world has witnessed an evolution. With rightful marketing methods, you can effectively increase the awareness and popularity of your business among the potential web users. If you do not follow the right and effective marketing methods, web users will never get to know about the existence of your business. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for you to make use of the right methods to increase the visibility of your business/brand.
• Many successful companies have regularly reported that with the use of expert inbound marketing solutions, they were able to build a strong presence of their company. Consequently, they also noticed improvement both in their top and bottom lines. Therefore, to enhance your business sales and hence profit margins, you can make use of inbound marketing.
• Inbound marketing also involves social media marketing. No other platform can provide your business extensive exposure as social media. If done rightfully, you can also get customers and hence leads from social networking sites. Therefore, build business pages of your websites on the social platforms to grab the attention of the potential web users.
• In order to gain the attention of the web users, you need to portray your business in a positive way and this can be done with the help of inbound marketing. People would love to give you their patronage when they have a peace of mind that they are trusting the right company. This can only be achieved, when you portray your business in a positive way.
• The ultimate purpose of any marketing channel is to get leads. Inbound marketing will also help you get leads and hence gain profits. It will help you improve the bottom and top lines of your business and hence open new doors to opportunities .
Those were some of the top benefits of inbound marketing that will help you increase the awareness of your business and hence profit levels. The chances of success are high when you have the tricks and tips of inbound marketing in your hand.


SEO Ranking Factors for 2013 and beyond …

There are several points that are interesting that comes out of all of this…Google’s recent algorithm updates :

( What was most striking about the announcement was not the fact that there is a new algorithm, but that it has been live for at least 30 days, with no prior announcement.)

* Links are still believed to be the most important part of the algorithm (approximately 40%).

* Keyword usage on the page is still fundamental, and—other than links—is thought to be the most important type of factor.

* Social factors aren’t seen to be hugely important in the 2013 algorithm (only 7%), in contrast to the high correlations.

* Freshness of content and load speed are important.

* Like it or not, having the exact match keyword in the domain still helps, though is decreasing.

* Trust factor of the domains linking is very important (can be measured by algorithms like MozTrust, TrustRank, etc)

* Good on page optimization is still important (title tags etc, lets Google know what your pages are about).

Basic brochure sites will be a thing of the past as audience engagement and feedback is rewarded. The lesson is clear; be the best, provide the best answers by knowing and serving your customers and Google will reward you.

What this means is your content can’t just be interesting and educational, it has to also have audience engagement (comments) and feedback (social shares). And, with Hummingbird GOOGLE’S most  recent algo update you also have to think in questions and answers format.

What Does All Of This Mean For You?

Content creation and optimization continues to be as important as ever and the focus on quality is more important than ever.  In addition to that, here are some other important tips:

Build authority links naturally (create a strong Social strategy to spread your content)

Offer solutions to your site visitors and make sure your content clearly and concisely conveys the information

Optimize for mobile

Be active in Social

Focus on semantic analysis when doing keyword research

Understand that “context” is now a part of the equation, meaning Google will do the best they can to determine the full meaning of the query and the intent behind it. In addition to analyzing the words, they will use any other data they can – typically local info, personalization info and device and platform info.  User intent is going to matter more than pure keyword matching.

Authorship and Structured Data are going to be more important going forward.  Authorship because it connects you to your content and Structured Data because it’s a good way to feed specific details to the crawler.

This has been the most volatile couple years in the history of the engines, The best thing you can do is actively create and work a content strategy !!

Google’s Amit Singhal said, “With more complex queries, the algorithm can better understand concepts vs. words as well as relationships between concepts.”

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Google Director of Local & B2B Markets Sam Sebastian says that shopping drivers are now based on “stimulus,” “the first moment of truth,” and “zero moment of truth.” The zero moment of truth – ZMOT – is based on passive information sought by consumers.

It is reflected well in an evaluation of Google data from Jan. 2007 to December 2010 in the U.S., UK, Brazil, France and Germany. During that period, searches for reviews were up 98 percent; searches for coupons were 339 percent; Local search was up 177 percent; and searches for weight loss were up 154 percent. Eighty-three percent generally rely on “trust places” like user ratings or product reviews, says Sebastian, citing data recently released by Booz Allen.

“New behavior drives a surge in search volume,” says Sebastian. “You have to sell; have to optimize; and sell to repeat customers. (Especially when) they are making the emotional part of their decision.”

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B2B Marketing with Video

Video Marketing

Did you know?

Video boost conversion rates by an average of 9%.
(Internet Retailer, October 2010)

Products that have videos are 95% more likely to be bought.
(Internet Retailer, April 2010)

Video adds two minutes to visitors’ stays on retail sites.
(Comscore, August 2010)

Video increases the likelihood of a front-page Google search result by 96% with proper page optimization.(Forrester, January 2010)

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Why web site videos for B2B Marketing !

A majority of businesspeople surveyed by Forbes in October 2010 said they watched more online video than a year earlier. Nearly 60% of all respondents said they would watch video before reading text on the same webpage, and 22% said they generally liked watching video more than reading text for reviewing business information. Three-quarters of all executives said they watched work-related videos on business websites at least once a week, and more than half did the same on YouTube.

Video can be highly effective for merchants. The executives surveyed reported taking a wide variety of actions after watching online videos, with about two-thirds visiting vendor websites subsequent to viewing and more than half searching for more information. Especially among younger executives, likelihood of making a purchase was high.

Generational differences ran throughout the Forbes research, with a split in behavior at age 50. While the youngest executives were most interested in video across the board, baby boomers in their 40s had comparable participation levels. It was older executives who had not yet gotten on board with video, and business-to-business marketers must continue to reach them through other means.

But video has only become more important for the younger set, and marketers can depend on them to watch, pass along, recommend—and often, enter the purchase funnel. ( emarketer )

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Videos on line views grew by 12 %

Of the most heavily-used sectors, videos/movies was the only other to experience a significant growth in share of US activity online. Its share of activity grew relatively by 12 percent from 3.5 to 3.9 percent. June 2010 was a major milestone for US online video as the number of videos streamed passed the 10 billion mark. The average American consumer streaming online video spent 3 hours 15 minutes doing so during the month.

Nielsen: Americans Spend Nearly a Quarter of Their Online Time on Social Networking Sites

Video SEO optimization

52% of all web traffic is video (according to industry watchdog, eMarketer)
– More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (according to NY Times)

– YouTube had 9.5 billion videos viewed by 138 million Americans in one month (according to comScore Media Metrix)

– The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes watching video per day

– Because video is so popular, video links and clips often show up before other content

Here are few samples of our ” web site video marketing ” videos .

Approx 1 to 2 min’s long

Perfect for video optimisation / video SEO to get brand visibility and backlinks to your web site …
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1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8DyXkD1jNQ

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVdypda9u5o

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7K5rpqSmO8


1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2JyOhkMuJ0 << more involved graphics oriented .(extra option ) 2. http://www.youtube.com/websitevideosbyandy#p/a/u/1/_wi1p6evDM8 << ( with pro voice over )


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