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We specialize in developing e-business solutions, for small and medium sized businesses. From coast to coast we have proven to be the logical choice. With over 10 years experience in the e-business, we have been providing our clients with excellence in on line marketing & web site marketing solutions.

Marketing Strategies for Mobile Web Sites

Marketing Strategies for Mobile Web Sites

In today’s fast changing and dynamic world all the companies are looking forward to promote their product and services to a wide range of customers in a shorter span of time. Hence in order to put their idea into action they use various methods of marketing strategies. One of those marketing strategies is the mobile marketing concept. As the name suggests the mobile marketing concept is the strategy of marketing that is done by using or on a mobile device for example smart phone or a tablet PC.

There are various facets of mobile marketing strategy that is used by the advertising companies. Few of those facets are SMS marketing, MMS marketing, push marketing, app-based marketing, in-game mobile marketing, QR codes, mobile responsive website marketing and many others. Through the mobile marketing strategy the advertisers can send more personalized and time and location sensitive promotional matters to their potential customers in order to promote their products, services or ideas.


How relevant is your web site content ?

If you’re not asking about your web site relevancy, you’re definitely failing at SEO . No one knowsfor sure exactly how specific factors affect rankings, But as a general rule of thumb, always prudent ask yourself regularly : What more can I offer the users who I want to attract ? How can I be the most relevant website on a particular topic ? This means an abundance of informativeweb site content, and a diversity of web site & blog content that a user might be interested in. Don’t just load your site down with text. Make sure to include PDFs, videos,case studies , testimonials , FAQ’s and even links to outside resources that would be helpful for your users. Do anything you can to make your site extremely user relevant and useful for a visiting user, even if that means providing links to outside resources. All This will help you rank higher in search engines results for your key words .

Our 4 easy steps… to your NEW web site !

Our 4 easy steps… to your NEW web site !

1. Web site project 1st Meeting and Consultation

This is the first step in realizing your web site. By this point, we’ve had some preliminary conversations over the phone regarding our services and your web site goals and needs , your domain name registration. Now it’s time to dig in to what you really want for your business website. We’ll discuss your goals and look and feel , logo designs if needed , specific pages and options, budgets, as well as timelines and expectations for both parties .

2. Web site project Agreement and First Payment

Once we’ve discussed your web site goals and options and you’re ready to commit to move forward, we’ll sign a project agreement and the first payment will be made. Timelines will be set, and the design phase will begin. (The first payment is 33% of the total web site project cost.)

3. Review and Discussion of Design Layouts

All our web site packages include one to two design layouts. A “ lay out ” is a static image representation of what your final site will look like. You’ll choose a look from our layout , and we’ll then discuss the various available options, changes to layout etc . Production Site & various stages of the web site project & finished and final coded web site will be posted in our servers .

4. Final Payment Implementation of Live Web Site

Once you’ve signed off on the final production site, the final payment is due. Once payment has been made, the production site is transferred to the public hosting account area, and is now 100% live to the public. – we offer two weeks of text/image updates free of charge. We offer update and maintenance on a regular basis, epromotionz offers discounted retainer contracts or pay-as-you-go hourly rates.

That’s it ! 4 steps to a new live web site It can’t get much easier than that.

Houston Web Design, Blog Design , Web Marketing Services

Good Web design is essential to every online property. Whether generating leads or selling products, an attractive and functional , usable web site design will keep users on your site. On the other hand, a poor design or confusing navigation will chase users away and most of them will never come back.

A tag line is a statement or a motto that represents your company’s website philosophy & your brand’s value proposition and mission. It should be the most obvious element on a website’s front page and clearly describe the web site valur and promise in one phrase. Statistics show that a web site has just eight seconds to capture a visitor’s attention and cue them to browse the site further. Without a clear tag line a web site will have a hard time keeping visitors long enough to browse the inner pages.

andyalagappan.com   is a leading web design, Blog design , web marketing and e- marketing solutions company. We specialize in developing e-business solutions, for small and medium sized businesses. From coast to coast we have proven to be the logical choice. With over 10 years experience in the e-business, we have been providing our clients with excellence in on line marketing & web site marketing solutions.

Our social media marketing consultation : Social media usage and popularity continues to grow . Customers have the desire to share and learn and conduct reaearch online regarding issues that affect them. Social media sites like facebook , twitter , linkedin etc … etc … etc gives them the platform to do it.

So even though it is a hot topic nowadays, just having a facebook page and some fans isn’t a social media strategy. While social media marketing done properly will give you the unparalleled ability to communicate directly with your customer base with useful information , you need to have a plan. call us today !

The Web is going social and you need be in the conversation. By ignoring it , it wont go away ! This is not a passing Fad !

Vist our social media marketing page .

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