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Social Media Marketing

A major marketing strategy that is gaining popularity today is Social media marketing, which makes use of social media websites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and the like to connect with potential and existing customers. These are websites that are extremely popular in connecting friends and family members and can be used to create business relationships amongst likeminded individuals. Through such sites, you can share videos, photos as well as comments on a variety of topics, which ultimately leads to increase in traffic to your website. Increased traffic signals increased profitability, which incidentally is the ultimate aim of every business. This can also be called another form of target oriented advertising as these sites ultimately help group likeminded individuals, who are then introduced to your product or service.

Using Social Media Effectively

The simplest way to ensure maximum success in social media is to provide shareable material with your customers or subscribers. In other words, a video or some content or photographs can be shared with your existing customers or group, allowing them to distribute it virally. Viral distribution of your content is very easy through such media and will therefore increase your customer base exponentially.

Social media websites

With the increasing popularity of this medium of marketing, it is hardly surprising that there is a deluge of social media websites in the World Wide Web today. Irrespective of the topic in question, there is a group formed which caters to it, whether it is new mothers group or a group of people interested in sports like skateboarding and the like. The kind of website you would choose for a particular topic would however, fall within these broad categories, namely,

• Business oriented websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Ryze etc for business related groups
• Casual websites like Twitter, MySpace and Youtube for general topics of wide interest and informal conversations, and
• Sites like Amazon, Yelp, Kudzu and Google Help for reviewing the various sites available on the internet.

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