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Why on going SEO for B2B Marketers ?

SEO for B2B Marketers !

SEO remains, at its core, remarkably similar to what it was in early 2002 :

4 key points !

Make your web pages accessible
Target content with keywords that searchers employ to find your services
Build content that users will find useful and valuable and relavant
Earn editorial links from good web 2.0 sources

With every tweak and change that comes to Google, it seems there’s a new round of questions and blog posts and concerns follow the same old formula:

With the release of their new indexing rule, Google has changed the search game forever. Forget classic on going monthly SEO process, from now on, it’s going to be all about Personalization

Local Results & Geo-Targeting
Instant Answers & OneBox Results
Google Knol
Customization Based on History
Universal Search

Honestly, every time you hear from some new change at Google indexing , ask yourself if this 4 step process has been fundamentally undermined. Call us to implement prover B2B SEO strategies for your Business . @ 281-570-5804 < Andy Alagappan

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